Prisoners are entitled to have at least one hour of outdoor time (lufting) each day. The size and quality of the outdoor space varies significantly across prisons, as does the length of the time prisoners are allowed to use it.

The interval for being allowed outdoors varies according to the seasons, the day of the week and holidays. Some prisons have a system of different intervals on various weeks. In some prisons, in the winter, outdoor time takes place after dark.

Before, it was common for prisoners in several units to be outdoors at the same time. Now, prisoners are divided into smaller groups and spend their outdoor time in shifts.

“And the yard is actually the main thing, and the gym.”


Some prisons have large field for outdoor activities, like walking together, running, playing football, and skiing and skating in the winter.

Ullersmo Prison
Ullersmo Prison (Google earth)

“This is by far the best yard for lufting. This is like heaven, compared to many other places.”

Small yard

Hamar has a small outdoor yard, with a volleyball court surrounded by a fence, partly wooden and partly made of chain-link.

Prisoners and officers join in volleyball tournaments.

Hamar prison


Some prisons have small fenced-in yards attached to the housing units. They keep groups of prisoners separate and do not offer as many possibilities for moving around as the open fields.

At Eidsberg, Model 2015, metal fencing encloses balconies on each floor. They are for all prisoners when cell doors are open, especially for smokers.

Halden Prison
Halden Prison (Google earth)
Halden Prison
Eidsberg Prison


Some prisons have small patios attached to the housing units, as Bergen.

Bergen prison
Bergen prison (Google earth)


Prisoners in isolation are entitled to be outdoors for one hour per day. This takes place in small yards, enclosed by concrete walls and a net ceiling.
Prisoners on full-time isolation rarely see other prisoners.
In Halden and Eidsberg, the boxes have windows.

Eidsberg Prison
Halden Prison

Yards as part of the prison site

Hamar Prison (google earth)


Hamar is a small prison, built in the outskirt of the town, today surrounded by neighbors.
There is a separate, smaller yard for prisoners in isolation.

Ila Prison (Google Earth)


Ila has two yards.
A concrete wall surrounds one section and a chain-link fence surrounds the other. The time spent outdoors is usually one hour, but may be prolonged if a sufficient number of prisoners want to stay outdoors. In Ila and another prison, there are special outdoor areas with flowers and bushes.

Ullersmo Prison (Google Earth)


Ullersmo has a large open yard on a flat site, with a football field and swimming pool that are used in the summer, and an ice rink for the winter.
The small, separated boxes (top right) are for outdoor time for prisoners in isolation.
The new building (Model 2015) (opened 2017) is not shown on the map. It is situated in the corner, on the bottom right. The building has a separate, small yard. Some days of the week, prisoners in this unit have access to the big yard.

Bergen Prison (Google Earth)


Bergen is situated on a site with small hills, trees and rocks. Prisoners are not allowed to walk off the path. There is a large field for sports and running, and smaller yards for the housing buildings. There are six patios connected to the housing units.

Ullersmo Prison (Google Earth)


Similar to Bergen, Halden is on a site with small hills, trees and rocks. Here also, prisoners are not allowed to walk in these areas, but must follow the paths. Halden has small yards attached to the two housing buildings.